EasyScan 1.13

Simple software allowing image scanning capabilities for Windows 98

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    Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2000 / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 98 / Windows XP

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EasyScan 1.13
EasyScan 2014

EasyScan lets you make the most of any TWAIN-compatible scanner for Windows.

EasyScan is a Windows program that lets you access a scanner. It supports practically any scanner that has a Windows device driver and can adhere to the TWAIN standard. TWAIN is a standard that regulates communication between digital imaging peripherals and software, and support for it is prevalent among digital imaging solutions created for Windows PCs.

EasyScan not only works with scanners but other peripherals that may include scanning functionality, such as multipurpose printers. It’s worth noting that most scanners do come with either propriety or third-party software. Nevertheless, some companies have gone out of business and other companies have stopped making scanners. In a lot of cases, that’s made getting the proper software difficult.

EasyScan is a universal solution that can be used for homebrew equipment as well, and it can be used as often and for as long as you like at no cost. It also has a host of options. In fact, it supports all options supported by TWAIN. It’s much more likely that EasyScan will often an option your scanner doesn’t support than the reverse. In that case, the option will just be grayed out.

EasyScan features image orientation and resizing options. There’s a preview option built it, which you can force refresh at any time. You can lock settings in as you fiddle with other options, and when your scanned image is just the way you want it, the program offers numerous output formats.

The user interface is a bit of an eyesore. It uses a very basic and outmoded Windows aesthetic. There are many user-customizable settings that are just loosely organized. The buttons and labels are very small and crammed into as tight a space as seemingly possible. Nevertheless, learning your way around the UI isn’t hard, and if you lack other software options, you can easily overlook this shortcoming.


  • Supports nearly all scanners


  • Clunky, unattractive UI

EasyScan is a simple image scanning tool that allows users to scan images on multiple types of printer platforms. EasyScan uses basic Twain standard capabilities to allow all types of Windows users to download, install and use this application.

How EasyScan is Different from Other Scanning Applications

Simple scanning products are often unreliable because they aren't built on Twain standard capabilities. EasyScan's use of Twain is what makes it stand out from other applications because it can be used on multiple platforms.

EasyScan also allows users to scan in different color settings, including 256, 16 and more. The user also has the option to rotate the picture or select a specific RGB channel, which, in many scanners, is not an option.

Easy to Download and Install

EasyScan is extremely easy to download and install. It works on most Windows Operating systems and can be used within a few minutes of completing the download process.

Once you open the application, you have the option of changing many of the scan settings, including resolution, size, orientation, colors, whether or not you want to zoom in or out on the picture and more.

EasyScan can be downloaded in multiple languages, making it a great application for users who don't have access to quality scanning software overseas.


  • EasyScan is easy to use.
  • Because of the size of the application, it can be downloaded and installed within minutes.
  • The application allows users to change multiple scan options that other programs wouldn't normally allow.


  • The application platform is very basic and not attractive.
  • EasyScan has not been updated since 2011.
  • It may be hard to set up for some users not familiar with computers.

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